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Guest: Wade Pfau, Ph.D, CFA, Professor of Retirement Income at The American College, Recent Changes to Social Security Filing Strategies

Guest: Suleman Din, Can “Robo-advisers” Measure up to “Human” Fiduciary and Suitability Standards?

Guest: Eric Engquist, Asst. VP, Military Transitions, USAA. Entrepreneurship and Career Opportunities for Veterans.

David Holland: Addressing Concerns about China/Other Nations Holding Our Debt, U.S. Government Seizing Your 401(k), and Social Security Becoming Insolvent.

Guest: Leslie Tayne, Attorney and Debt Therapist. Strategies to save money on holiday shopping.

Guest: Tara Kennedy-Kline, Certified Family Parenting Expert, and author of Stop Raising Einstein.

Guest: Margarida Correia, Associate Editor of Bank Investment Consultant Magazine. Privacy Issues with Helping Cognitively Impaired Clients

Guest: Madeline Bailey, QuickBooks Expert. Author of Radically Simple Accounting

Guest: Steve DeAngelo, Leader in Cannabis Reform Movement. Author of The Cannibis Manifesto: A new Paradigm for Wellness

Guest: Dr. Paul Chafetz, Clinical Psychologist, Planning Ahead for Transitioning into Retirement

Guest: Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®, Can You Really Become Rich By Giving More?

Guest: Steve Tacinelli, Holland Financial Controller and Vice President, Tax Services, Year-End Tax Planning

Guest: Laura Scharr-Bykowsky, CFP®, Her Article "Retirement 'Rules of Thumb' May Point in Wrong Direction"

Guest: Robert Laura, President of Synergos Financial Group, How Retirement is Changing

Guest: Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., Author of 7Twelve: A Diversified Investment Portfolio with a Plan

Guest: Dr. Kathy Gruver, Author of Journey of Healing, on Stress, Mindfulness, and Your Fiscal Health

David Holland: Looking for Financial Advice in All the Wrong Places! More “Top 10 Mistakes People Make with their Money”

Guest: Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert”

Guest: Alicia Cramer, Mindset Expert and Author of The "Outside the Box" Entrepreneur

Guest: Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes, Just Back from "RUSSIA CALLING" Investment Forum in Russia

Guest: Robert Klein, Retirement Healthcare Advisor

Guest: Barbara Ruggero, Personal Lines Manager, Capital Partners Insurance

Guest: Pegi Burdick, "The Financial Whisperer", Raising Financially Responsible Children

Guest: Neale Godfrey, Author and CEO of Green$treet Commons, Mobile Apps that Teach Kids about Money

David Holland: More Retirement Planning Mistakes - Bad Advice, High Fees, and Reverse Dollar-Cost Averaging

Guest: Ryan Ochipa, State Farm, on Flood Insurance, Citizens Property Insurance Changes, Sinkholes, and More

Guest: Betty Doll, Long Term Care Specialist

Guest: Peggy Sealfon, Author of Escape from Anxiety

Guest: John Adams, President of Adams Cameron & Company, Update on the Real Estate Market

David Holland: Emotional Investing; Inadequate Investment Diversification; and Inadequate Adviser Due Diligence

Guest: Anne Liebgott, CEO of "Where Americans Are Welcome", on Swiss Bank Accounts

Guest: Mike Kelly, VP of USAA's Military Affairs Advocacy Group, on Connecting Veterans with Civilian Jobs

Guest: Neal Macneale III, Owner of 2 for 1 Index®, on Stock Splits and Portfolio Strategy

David Holland: When to Start Drawing Social Security and Optimizing Benefits

Guest: Gregory Zuckerman, Author, The Frackers on Why Gas Prices Are So Low

Guest: Josh Peters, CFA, Editor, Morningstar Dividend Investor on Dividend-Paying Stocks

Guest: Robert Gignac, Author of Rich is a State of Mind on the "Ps & Qs" of Planning for Your Financial Future

Guest: George Sisti, CFP®, Founder of On Course Financial Planning

David Holland: The Healthy Financial Adviser Relationship

Guest: Dr. Erica Kosal, Resilience Expert, Bounce to Resilience and Traveling Troubled Times

Guest: Sumit Desai, CFA and Senior Analyst at Morningstar®

Guest: Christine Mathieu, "New and Empowered You" Program to Find True Wealth through Forgiveness

Guest: Donna Harris, Choosing Mediation Over Trial in Divorce and Family Law Cases

David Holland: Questions on Tax Shelters within IRAs, Annuities vs. CDs, and More.

Guest: Terry Savage, Winner of Two Emmys and Author of The Savage Truth on Money

Guest: J.J. Montanaro, CFP®, USAA, National Life Insurance Awareness Month

Guest: Joseph McCormack, Author of Brief: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less on Engaging Listeners Without Causing "Information Overload."

David Holland: Does the "Perfect" Investment Exist?

Guest: Ann Marsh, West Coast Bureau Chief of Financial Planning Magazine on Financial Stress and Military Suicide

Guest: Joel Fotinos, Author of My Life Contract on Goal-setting Strategies

Guest: Liz Skinner, InvestmentNews Reporter on Legal Issues for Children Going Away to College

Guest: Lili Vasileff, Author of The Ultimate Divorce Organizer. Pros and Cons of Re-marrying vs. Staying Single

David Holland: Pullbacks, Corrections, and Bear Markets

Guest: Bruce McClary, National Foundation of Credit Counseling Financial Preparedness for Hurricanes, Student Loan and Credit Card Debt Issues

Guest: Daniel Weber, Association of Mature American Citizens Proposed Early Retirement Account (ERA) to Supplement Social Security

Guest: Chris Markowski, The Watchdog on Wall Street Media Hype and the Markets, China, and More.

Guest: Art Markman, Ph.D., Author of Smart Change on How Short-term Thinking can be Detrimental when Investing in the Stock Market.

Guest: Joan Kingsley, CPA, Author of The Fear-Free Organization: Vital Insights from Neuroscience to Transform Your Business Culture

Guest: Ky Trang Ho, Contributor to Forbes Magazine, Gold is an Age-Old Currency. Why is its Value Falling and What are its Prospects?

Guest: Thomas Corley, CPA, CFP®, Myths About the Wealthy

David Holland: Retirement and Roulette. How Much Risk Are You Willing to Take?

Guest: Dr. Trevon Clow, Money Doesn’t Make Us Happy… But Debt Makes Us Miserable!

Guest: Jeff Cutter, CPA, Cutter Financial Group, Running a Household is Like Running a Business

Guest: Mary Beth Franklin, Investment News, Medicare “Hold Harmless Provision” Effects on Benefits for 2016

Guest: Art Markman, Author of Smart Change, Psychology of Decision-making

Guest: Kimberley Foss, Pre-nups

David Holland: Using Business Debt Wisely, Divorce Tips

Guest: Katie Kuehner-Hebert, Aging Issues - Conversations with Adult Children; Legal Documents to Have in Place; and Funding Long-term Care.

Guest: Ruth King, Author of The Courage to be Profitable.

Guest: Leo Haviland, From Chinese Equity Instability to the Financial Crisis in Greece and the Nuclear Treaty with Iran.

Guest: Robert Laura, The "Dark Side" of Retirement

David Holland: Trusts - David Answers Your Questions

Guest: Trevor Hunnicutt, Investment News, Ups and Downs of China's Stock Market, Financial Situation in Puerto Rico, and More

Guest: Brian Robertson, Co-founder of HolacracyOne Discusses the "Holocracy" Management System

Guest: Doug Goldstein, CFP®, Dually Licensed Adviser in U.S. and Israel, Good Financial Habits vs. Goals

David Holland: 401(k) Questions

Guest: Nate Purpura, EHealth, Latest on the Affordable Care Act

Guest: Jeff Motske, CFP®, CEO of of Trilogy Financial and author of The Couples’ Guide to Financial Compatibility

David Holland: Clues You Might Need a Second Opinion on Your Finances.

Guest: Sean Hyman, Editor of the Ultimate Wealth Report,US Dollar, Oil and Precious Metals, Foreign Markets.

Guest: Ingrid Martine, Author of The Un-Game, "Catalyst" Approach to Creating a Safe Yet Challenging Work Environment

Guest: Dennis Miller, Author of Retirement Reboot, Robo-Advisers

Guest: Bart Astor, Author of AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life: Smart Choices about Money, Health, Work, Lifestyle, and Pursuing Your Dreams

Guest: Andrew Zatlin, Moneyball Economics and the "Underground Economy"

Guest: Lynette Cox, CEO of TheMoneyCoach.net

Guest: Jim Donovan, Author of Happy@Work

Guest: Kathy Fettke, CEO and co-founder of Real Wealth Network. "Ever considered buying rental property?"

David Holland: "Don't Answer the Door...It Might Be an Adviser!"

Guest: Art Markman, Author of Smart Change, Less stress and more joy in your life.

Guest: Robert Pfister, Arcadia Home Care Staffing

Guest: Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance for Morningstar. Index funds, exchange-traded funds, bonds, and active vs. passive investing.

Guest: Wade Pfau, Professor of Retirement Income at the American College. "Have you set up multiple sources of income for flexibility in retirement?"

Guest: Daisy Maxey, Wall Street Journal Columnist. Active Shares and Mutual Fund Management

Guest: Robert Laura, President of SYNERGOS, Retirement isn't only about your finances!

David Holland: Understanding Annuites.

Guest: Ruth King, Profitability Master, entrepreneur, and author. Keeping your business on track and financially sound.

Guest: Nancy Tedeschi, Creator of The SnapIt Screw™

Guest: Jeff Benjamin, Senior Columnist for Investment News, What could to happen to interest rates, unemployment and oil prices by year-end?

Guest: Jeff Haden, Contributing Editor for Inc. Magazine, "You Don't Have to Be Rich to Retire Happy (In Fact, Far From It)"

Guest: Gregg Levoy, Author of Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion and Callings

Guest: David Weidner, Wall Street Journal Market Watch Columnist, Will it be another Clinton/Bush showdown in the next election?

Guest: Richard Barrett, Author of The Values-Driven Organization

David Holland Answers Questions from Readers of His Newspaper Column

Guest: Kelly Campbell, Author of Fire Your Broker

Guest: Doug Goldstein, CFP®, Radio Show Host in Israel and columnist forThe Jerusalem Post

Guest: Patricia Aburdene, Author of Conscious Money and Megatrends 2010

David Holland, Is Your Financial Adviser "Agnostic"?

Guest: Mark Cook, Author of Prepare Now and Survive the Coming Bear Market: This Time Is Not Different

Guest: Trevor Hunnicutt, Investment News, Investor Trends and Possible New Regulations for Financial Advisers

Guest: Andrew Zatlin, The Moneyball Economist

Guest: Anne Tergesen, Journalist for the "Encore" section of the WSJ. Article "Grim News on Health Costs in Retirement"

Guest: Maddy Dychtwald, Home in Retirement: More Freedom New Choices, Age Wave study in partnership with Merrill Lynch

Guest: Maxwell Murphy, WSJ Senior Editor of CFO Journal, His Article "Investors Demand More Info on Board Skills"

Guest: Erin Botsford, Author of The Big Retirement Risk

Guest: Dr. Kathy Gruver, Author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet and Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques

David Holland, "Stay on the Trail"

Guest: Miriam Goodman, Journalist and Author of Too Much Togetherness: Surviving Retirement as a Couple

Guest: Gerald Sparrow, President of Sparrow Growth Fund and Sparrow Capital Management

Guest: Bruce McClary, National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Student Loan Debt, Taxes and Credit Card Debt

Guest: Steve Berry, Internationally Bestselling Author of the Cotton Malone Adventures on the Release of His New Book The Patriot Threat

Guest: Chris Martenson, Founder of Peak Prosperityand Author of The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future of Our Economy, Energy, and Environment

Guest: Tom Cloud, Cloud Hard Assets: Gold and Other Hard Assets in a Portfolio.

David Holland: Variable Annuities, Career Day at the Elementary School, 401(k)s and the fiduciary standard.

Guest: Megan McArdle, Author of The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well is the Key to Success

Guest: Gary Bronga, Author of Bringing a Product to Market from Home

Guest: Laura Berman Fortgang, Author of Now What? 90 Days to A New Life Direction

Guest: David Weidner, Wall Street Journal Market Watch Columnist, "Why You Shouldn't Trust Wall Street Ratings"

Guest: Jonathan Clements, Wall Street Journal Columnist, Author of Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015

Guest: Ric Lager, Author of Forget the Pie: Recipe for a Healthier 401(k), on pending legislation regarding fiduciary role.

Guest: Leo Haviland, "Negative Creep: The Global Economy"

Guest: Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP™, Abundance Activist, Author of Picture Your Prosperity

Guest: Jeff Benjamin, Senior Columnist of Investment News on Financial Markets Beyond the Dow and S& P 500

Guest: Sean Hyman, Editor of the Ultimate Wealth Report on More Bitcoin Problems, Strong U.S. Dollar, Oil-related Stocks

David Holland: Investing - A Good Time to Review your Portfolio

Guest: Leslie Tayne, Attorney and Debt Therapist, Author of Life & Debt: a fresh approach to achieving financial wellness

Guest: Margaret Lynch, Called "The Wealth Manifestation Authority" by the WSJ, Author of Tapping Into Wealth

Guest: Robert Laura, "Being Overweight Can Be Good For Retirement Income"

Guest: Philip Van Doorn, Investment Analyst for WSJ MarketWatch on American Express and CostCo, Twitter, Energy Sector, Effects of Rising Dollar

Guest: Ron Lieber, New York Times Money Columnist, Author of The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money

David Holland: Roth IRAs Can Be Powerful Financial Tools

Guest: Lynette Cox, Author of College Secrets: How to Save Money, Cut College Costs and Graduate Debt Free

Guest: Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance for Morningstar. "5-Point Retirement Portfolio Checkup"

David Holland: Clues You Might Need a Second Opinion

Guest: Abby Kohut, President of Staffing Symphony and Author of Absolutely Abby's 101 Job Search Secrets

Guest: Mary Hunt, Author of The Financially Confident Woman

Guest: Susan Packard, Co-Founder of Scripps Networks Interactive and Former COO of HGTV. Author of New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace

Guest: Joel Fotinos, Author of My Life Contract: 90-Day Program for Prioritizing Goals, Staying on Track, Keeping Focused, and Getting Results

Guest: Beate Chelette, Author of The Women's Code Presents Happy Woman Happy World

Guest: Art Markman, Ph.D., Author of Smart Change: Five Tools to Create New and Sustainable Habits in Yourself and Others

Guest: Maribeth Healey, Project Director with Working America, Working America Health Care Program

Guest: Tim David, Author of Magic Words: The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words That Motivate, Engage, and Influence

Guest: Raymond Donadio, Attorney, Donadio Law Offices: Wills, Trust, and Probate Administration

Guest: Sandy Botkin, New ABLE accounts for children with disabilities. Financial reasons to adopt solar panels.

Guest: Philip van Doorn, Investment Analyst for WSJ MarketWatch, on Oil Stocks and Other Financial Market News

Guest: Wade Pfau, Wall Street Journal article "The Case for Reverse Mortgages"

Guest: Greg Reid, Author of Stickability: The Power of Perseverance

Guest: Matthew Hoesly, Important Financial Items to Evaluate When Expanding a Family

Guest: Michael Farkas, CEO and Co-Founder of CarCharging Group

Guest: David Gurwitz, Managing Director, Charles Nenner Research

Guest: Morgan Housel, Columnist at Wall Street Journal and The Motley Fool, "How Investors Sabotage Their Own Performance"

Guest: Ric Lager, Getting Investment Advice for Your 401(k)

Guest: David Weidner, Wall Street Journal "MarketWatch" Columnist: Bitcoin, Peer-to-Peer Lending and the Sharing Economy

Guest: Anne Tergesen, Wall Street Journal Columnist, "The Wall Street Journal Sunday", and Contributor to "Encore", a MarketWatch.com Blog about Retirement

Guest: Kathy Kristof, Author of Investing 101

Guest: Cliff Goldstein, NerdWallet

Guest: Kathy Fettke, Author of Retire Rich with Rentals

Guest: Greg Melia, President of Melia Advisory Group, Senior Citizens Owe $18B in Student Loan Debt

Guest: Charles Bilello, Director of Research for Pension Partners, LLC, on Performance of the Energy Sector

Guest: Angie Hallier, Author of The Wiser Divorce on Helping Divorced Couples with Children Keep Peace during the Holiday Season.

Guest: Rory Vaden, Bestselling Author on his upcoming book Procrastinate on Purpose; 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time

Guest: Dennis Miller, Questions to Ask When Your Financial Adviser Retires or Makes a Job Change

Guest: Dennis Miller, What is the Right Age to Start Social Security?

Guest: Robert Scharar, Investing in Australia and New Zealand

Guest: Scott Schweighauser, Debunking Hedge Fund Myths

Guest: Dennis Miller, In a World Where 26 is the New 18, Make Home Less Welcoming

Guest: James Lineweaver, CFP®, of Lineweaver Financial Group, a registered representative of Sigma Financial Corporation

Guest: Mary Beth Franklin, Contributing Editor to Investment News, "2015 COLA will be 1.7%"

Guest: Janice L. Green, Author of Divorce After 50: Your Guide to the Unique Legal and Financial Challenges

Guest: Liz Skinner, Investment News Reporter, "Forget the empty nest, parents now fear the cost of a full one"

Guest: Nadine Lajoie, TV Host and Co-Founder of Teen CEO Reality TV Show

Guest: Heidi Richardson, Global Investment Strategist for BlackRock

Guest: David Long, Author of Built to Lead: 7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Principles for Becoming a Top 10% Manager

Guest: Houston Harrison, Capital Resource Group, Economic Forecasting and Funding Your Child's College Education

Guest: Linda Koco, InsuranceNewsNet Blogger,Latest Buzz on Annuities

Guest: Patricia Oey, Morningstar Senior Analyst Manager Research Team, Emerging Markets

Guest: Jeff Cutter, Cutter Financial Group, Back Door Roth IRAs

Guest: Maxwell Murphy, Senior Editor of CFO Journal at WSJ, on International Tax Issues/Profit Shifting, and Companies Using Charitable Programs as Recruiting Tools

Guest: Lili Vasileff, Owner of Divorce and Money Matters, LLC

Guest: Gail Cunningham, NFCC Holiday Financial Reality Check-up

Guest: Maddy Dychtwald, Age Wave, The Longevity Revolution

Guest: Cindy Hounsell, President of WISER, The Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement

Guest: David L. Katz MD, Founding Director of Yale University Prevention Research Center, The NuVal System

Guest: David Weidner, WSJ MarketWatch Columnist

Guest: Pegi Burdick, Author of It's Never About the Money...Even When It Is

Guest: Angie Hallier, Author of The Wiser Divorce: Positive Strategies for Your Next Best Life

Guest: Christine Mathieu, Author of From Wisdom to Wealth

Guest: Jeff Benjamin, Investment News Senior Columnist

Guest: Thomas Corley, Author of Rich Kids - How to Raise Our Children to be Happy and Successful in Life

Guest: Elizabeth Collins, Author of Why Moats Matter: The Morningstar Approach to Stock Investing

Guest: Craig Lack, CEO of ENERGI, Performance-Based Health Care Plans

Guest: Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance for Morningstar

Guest: Trevor Hunnicutt, Investment News

Guest: John Sileo, Identity Theft and Online Security

Guest: Dennis Miller, Investing in a Crisis Environment

Guest: Dr. April Benson, Author of To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop

Guest: Dr. Terry Wahls, Author of The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine To Support

Guest: Wesley Wood, Investments and Tax Planning

Guest: Don Blandin, Investor Protection Trust, Elder Investment Fraud

Guest: Janna Shearman-Perret, 1031 Exchanges

Guest: Ben Johnson, Volusia County Sheriff, Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative

Guest: Craig Israelsen, Developer of the 7Twelve Portfolio

Guest: Natalie Caine, Life Transition Coach

Guest: Nate Purpura, EHealth, What Makes Medicare ODD?

Guest: Dr. Glenn Buckley, PetRescueRX.com Online Pharmacy that Donates Profits to Animal Shelters

Guest: Mary Hunt, Author of Debt-Proof Living: How to Get Out of Debt & Stay That Way

Guest: Molly Mettler, Senior Vice President of Healthwise, Spending Too Much on Healthcare

Guest: Anthony Saccaro, President of Providence Financial and Insurance Services

Guest: Steve Vernon, President of Rest-of-Life Communication

Guest: Michael Carr, CMT, Editor of "Absolute Profits"

Guest: Jon Sanchez, CEO of Sanchez Wealth Management

Guest: Don Ganguly, CEO of HomeUnion

Guest: Matt Oldroyd, What to Do About Rising Interest Rates

Guest: Troy Kent, Ormond Beach City Commissioner

Guest: Scott Skyrm, The Repo Market

Guest: Mark Pfister, CEO of Integral Board Group

Guest: Richard Lewis, What to Do After You Get the Job

Guest: Jae Oh, What to Do If Your Medicare Advantage Plan Goes Under

Guest: Michael Sincere, MarketWatch columnist, Danger Signs in the Market

Guest: James Lange, CPA/Attorney, Author of Retire Secure!: for Same Sex Couples

Guest: Frank Vernuccio, co-host of the Vernuccio/Allison Report, Hydrofracking

Guest: Danielle Barbieri, CEO of Pirc.com

Guest: Michael Baughman, Author of Money Sucks

Guest: Diane Francis, Author of Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country

Guest: Greg Bustin, Author of Accountability: The Key to Driving a High-Performance Culture

Guest: Derek Pilecki, Founder of Gator Capital Management, Mutual Fund Investing

Guest: Kelly Whalen, Author of The Censtible Life blog

Guest: Judy McNary, Author of Coin: The Irreverent Yet Practical Guide to Money Management for Recent College Graduates

Guest: Allen Jordan, The FarPoint Alliance, Digital Marketing

Guest: Cherif Medawar, Contributor to SuccessOnomics, author of article "12 Steps to Financial Freedom"

Guest: Scott Burnett, Protecting Business Assets and Choosing the Right Type of Business Entity

Guest: Robb Hill, Author of Ask the Right Questions...

Guest: Bernd Schoner, Founder of ThingMagic

Guest: Daniel Weber, Founder of Association of Mature American Citizens

David Holland: U.S. and Global Market Commentary

Guest: Grant Cardone, Author of The 10X Rule

Guest: Terry Savage, Author of The New Love Deal

Guest: Dennis Miller, Long Term Care

Guest: Steve Berry, Bestselling Author of The Lincoln Myth

David Holland: U.S. and Global Market Commentary

Guest: Joseph McCormack, Author of Brief

Guest: Larry Kelly, General Manager of Ritchey Cadillac Buick GMC, How to Buy a Car

Guest: Gary Foreman, Editor and Founder of The Dollar Stretcher

Guest: Lindsay Dickinson, Wedding Planner, Lindsay Rachael Events

Guest: Daniel Burrus, Author of Flash Foresight

Guest: David Lafferty, CFA, Natixis Global Asset Management

Guest: Lyle Trachtman, Seabreeze Fine Jewelry, How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Guest: Dr. Laura Yard, Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Guest: Helene Naftali, Founder of One True Zone Career Discovery Academy

Guest: Trang Ho, Author of ETF Myths That Can Trip You Up

Guest: Richard Lewis, Author of Why Hire Jennifer?

Guest: Michael Sincere, WSJ MarketWatch Columnist, "8 Ways to Save Your Portfolio from this Toppy Market"

Guest: Scott Skyrm, Author of Rogue Traders,

Guest: Sean Hyman, Editor of Ultimate Wealth Report,

Guest: Maxwell Murphy, Senior Editor of WSJ CFO Journal, "Venezuelan Bolivar Plunge Stings Multinationals"

Guest: Jonathan Burton, WSJ MarketWatch Columnist, "10 Things Your Real Estate Agent Won't Tell You"

Guest: Tara Powers, CEO of Powers Resource Center

David Holland: U.S. and Global Market Commentary

Guest: Jeff Benjamin, Senior Columnist for Investment News

Guest: Leo Haviland, "The Money Jungle"

Guest: David Scranton, Author of Financial Insanity: How to Keep Wall Street's Cancer from Speeding to Your Portfolio

Guest: Dennis Miller, Miller's Money

David Holland: U.S. and Global Market Commentary

Guests: Joe Alton, M.D., and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., Medical Disaster Preparedness

Guest: Carl Andrews, Interactive Mental Comedian

Guest: Brian Kessens, CFA, Tortoise Capital - Investing in the Energy Sector

Guest: Dr. Lori V, Star Antiques Appraiser on the Discovery Channel showAuction Kings The Latest on IRAs

David Holland: Funding Long-Term Care

David Holland: Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Guest: Ed Slott, The Slott Report The Latest on IRAs

Guest: Liz Skinner, Investment News Reporter

Guest: Shawn Shewchuk, Author of Change Your Results

Guest: Jim Cameron, Daytona Beach/Halifax Area Chamber of Commerce, New Projects Planned for Daytona Beach

Guest: Ricky Brava, Investing in Distressed Mortgage Debt

Guests: Sam Willett and Leslie LaRue, Volusia County Half Cent School Tax Extension

Guest: Leo Haviland, Author of Word$ on the $treet

Guest: Sandy Upchurch, Candidate for Circuit Court Judge

Guest: Kathy Fettke, CEO of Real Wealth Network

Guest: Sean Hyman, Editor of Ultimate Wealth Report

Guest: Shelley Giordano, Reverse Mortgages

Guest: David Weidner, WSJ Market Watch Columnist

Guest: Enis Taner, Understanding Equity Options, Puts and Calls

Guest: Janet Powers, CEO of WomensToolbox.com

David Holland: U.S. and Global Market Commentary

Guest: Mary Beth Franklin, Contributing Editor to Investment News, The Best Age to Start Collecting Social Security Benefits

Guest: Laura Kogen, Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, Engaging Female Clients

Guest: Jonathan Pontell, Generation Jones a.k.a. The Lost Generation

Guest: Robert Gignac, Author of Rich is a State of Mind

David Holland: U.S. and Global Market Commentary

Guest: Doug Johnson, Student Loan Debt Problems

Guest: David DeLong, Author of Graduate to a Great Job

Guest: Kimberly Foss, Author of Wealthy by Design: A 5-Step Plan for Financial Security

Guests: Catherine Drake and Jennifer Harris, Brookdale Senior Living Solutions

David Holland, Market and Financial News Commentary

Guest: Martin Shenkman, Estate Planning for those with Chronic Illness or Disability

Guest: Niem Green, Credit Score Dating

Guest: Diane Darling, How to Navigate a Networking Event

Guest: Melissa Mitchell-Blitch, Addiction and Recovery in Family Businesses

Guest: David Gurwitz, Charles Nenner Research

Guest: Dr. Claudia Luiz, Author of Where's My Sanity: Stories that Help

Guest: Sharon Hollander, Author of Medical Billing Horror Stories

Guest: Ryan Mann, Certified Fraud Examiner, Deception Detection and Body Language

Guest: Lisa Farrah, Farrah Benefits, Health Insurance Update

Guest: Victor Ricciardi, Co-Author of Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing

Guest: Mark Duffey, CEO Everest Funeral Planning and Concierge Service

Guest: Kim Ades, Frame of Mind Coaching

Guest: Ryan Ochipa, State Farm Insurance Agent

Guest: Dan Steinhart, Questions about President Obama's MyRA Proposal

David Holland: Market and Financial Commentary

Guest: Gail Cunningham, National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Guest: Gail Lawley, Author of It's Your Move: Choices for Senior Living

Guest: Fran Goldstein, Financial Mistakes When Divorcing

Guest: Andrea Bouchaud, Author of The Paris Diaries

Guest: Roberta Taylor, Pathmaking for Life

Guest: Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Guest: James Tarpey, founder of Donate for a Cause

Guest: Liz Scully, CEO of Rethink Retreats

Guest: Jae Oh, Author of Maximize Your Medicare

Guest: Dr. Aaron Kipnis, Author of The Midas Complex

Guest: Dr. Richard Orlando, Author of LEGACY

Guest: Jim Donovan, Author of What are you waiting for? It's YOUR life!

Guest: Harold Seigel, Rare Colored Diamonds

Guest: Jon Keith, The Memory Trainer™

Guest: Annie Logue, Author of Day Trading for Dummies

Guest: Melissa Holland, Lobbyist with Southern Strategy Group

Guest: Scott Fox, Author of Click Millionaires

Guest: Amy Atcha, Author of How to Put Your Mother in a Home, Professional Skills for a Personal Journey

Guest: Donna Harris, Divorce Mediation

Guest: Larry Doyle, Author of In Bed with Wall Street

Guest: Jim Beach, Co-Author of School for Startups

Guest: Larry LaGrotta, Realty Pros Assured, Update on the Real Estate Market

Guest: Liz Skinner, Reporter Investment News

Guest: Connie Allen, Author of The Casino Through a Dealer's Eyes

Guest: Alan Allard, Author of Seven Secrets to Enlightened Happiness

David Holland: The Taper, Treasury Bond Yields and Interest Rates

Guest: Attorney Robert Mara, Bankruptcy

Guest: Dr. Mark Davis, Author of Obama Care: Dead on Arrival...

Guest: Thomas Corley, Author of Rich Habits

Guest: Dr. April Benson, Compulsive Shopping Disorder

Guest: Kim Bouck, Rue & Ziffra Law Firm, Medical Malpractice Attorney

Guest: Paul Rice, Rice & Rose Law Firm, Changes to Alimony Laws

Guest: Heather Landy, Editor in Chief of American Banker Magazine, Pros and Cons of Breaking Up Big Banks

Guest: Jim Rose, Rice & Rose Law Firm, What To Do If You Are Sued

Guest: Daisy Maxey, Confusion about Adviser Fees and Regulation

Guest: Gary Bronga, Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Small Business

Guest: Adri Miller Heckman, Tips for Financial Advisers Working with Women Clients

Guest: Dr. K. C. Ma, Roland George Program at Stetson University

Guest: Jennifer FitzPatrick, Jenerations Health Education

Guest: Marisel Aleman, Cruise Elite

Guest: Brenda Campbell, Importance of Planning Ahead for Final Arrangements

Guest: Murray Holland, Author of A Nation in the Red

Guest: Scott Selis, Elder Law Attorney, Trusts and Protecting Assets

Guest: L. Todd Wood, Author of Currency and Sugar

Guest: Noel Colucco, Riviera Independent and Assisted Living

Guest: Maxwell Murphy, Wall Street Journal CFO Journal Senior Editor, Stock Splits

David Holland Commentary

Guest: Zachary Cohen, Disability Insurance

Guest: Florida Representative David Hood, Eliminating the Property Tax

Guest: Robert Laura, Living a Happy, Healthy and Committed Retirement

Guest: Dr. Trevon Clow, Don't Trust Your Gut: Cognitive Bias and Investing

Guest: Dana Wilde, Training Your Brain

Guest: Powell Brown, Brown & Brown Update

Guest: Kirby Wood, Chief Marketing Officer for American Equity

Guest: Robert Scharar, Commonwealth Funds, Investing in Africa and other frontier markets

Guest: Stephen Lampkin, Learning RX, Brain Training

David's Topic: More on Annuities

David's Topic: Deferred Annuities

Guest: Jan Cullinane, Author of The Single Woman's Guide to Retirement

Guest: Gary Belsky, Author of Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Guest: Tom Cloud: Investing in precious metals

David Holland answers questions about stock portfolios, mutual funds, 401k taxation, and client-adviser relationships.

Guest: Victor Ricciardi, Author of Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing

Guest: Dr. Kate Levinson, Author of Emotional Currency: A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money

Guest: Ed Connor, Vice President of Volusia Tax Reform

Guest: John Bevacqua: Retirement Income Planning and Analysis

David Holland Answers Reader and Listener Questions. Topics: Conservative Investments, Estate Taxes, HELOCs

Guest: Nate Purpura, Ehealth.com: Medicare Annual Enrollment and Obamacare

Guest: Laura Stanley, Nurse Practitioner: Cosmetic Procedures - Options and Costs

David's Topic: Eight Prudent Steps to Take Before You Invest

David Answers Questions from Listeners and Readers of his Column

David's Topic: Required Minimum Distributions from IRAs

David's Topic: $14,000 Not Really a Gift Limit

Guest: Dr. Richard Peterson, Author of Inside the Investor's Brain; David's Topic: Financial Fraud

Guest: Dr. Robi Ludwig, Young Americans Living at Home Longer; David's Topic: Rising Interest Rates and Bonds

Guest: Dr. Timothy Fong, Gambling Addiction; David's Topic: Stock Indices and Indexed Funds

Guest: Kathleen Paris, Author of Bringing Your Strategic Plan to Life; David's Topic: Sailing and Investing

Guest: Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, Author of How to Give Financial Advice to Couples; David's Topic: Bond Strategies

Guest: Scott Halliwell, The Importance of Life Insurance; David's Topic: "What do I do if I need to invest safely?"

Guest: Meredith Elliott Powell, Author of Winning in the Trust and Value Economy: A Guide to Sales Success and Business Growth

Guest: Dennis Miller, Taking Charge of Your Own Retirement

Guest: Dr. Wade Pfau, Professor of Retirement Income, The American College

Guest: Cindy Hounsell, WISER - Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement

Guest: Ellen Rogin, Author of Great with Money: 6 Steps to Lifetime Success and Prosperity

Guest: Dr. Michael McCall, Consumer Psychology

Guest: Jack Zufelt, Principles of Success

Guest: Wally Hauck, Fostering Engaged Employees

Guest: Amy Atcha, Guardianship Reality Check

Guest: Dr. James Galvin, Postponing Retirement to Prevent Mental Decline

Guest: Molly Mettler, Healthwise

Guest: Dorian Mintzer, Author of The Couples Retirement Puzzle: 10 Must-Have Conversations for Transitioning to the Second Half of Life

Guest: Dr. Brigitte Madrian, Household Saving and Investment Behavior

Guest: Steve Vernon, Author of Money for Life: Turn Your IRA and 401(k) into a Lifetime Retirement Paycheck

Guest: Jacqui Dunne, Business Applications of Complementary Currencies

Guest: Chris Kerr, Former FBI Agent and Author

Guest: Maddy Dychtwald, Age Wave Co-Founder

Guest: Robert Powell, Wall Street Journal Columnist and Editor of Retirement Weekly; Selecting a Financial Adviser

Guest: Jacqui Dunne, Award-winning Irish Journalist, Currency Expert, and Huffington Post Blogger; Bitcoin

Guest: Dr. Kate Levinson, Author of Emotional Currency: A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money

Guest: Todd Buchholz, Former White House Director of Economic Policy

Guest: Rachel Wagner, Business Communication Etiquette

Guest: Charles Wheelan, Author of Naked Statistics

Guest: Nate Purpura, Getting Ready for Obamacare

Guest: Mark LeBlanc, Author of Growing Your Business

David Holland: Deciding How to Invest

Guest: Lori Sackler, Author of The M Word

Guest: David Laibson, Behavioral Economics and 401(k) Plans

David Holland: Quantitative Easing

Guest: Michael Vilardi, Enrolled Agent Helping People Deal with the IRS

Guest: Monica Wofford, From Buddy to Boss

Guest: Andrew Busch, Stocks Go Up as Central Banks Buy

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guest: Ed Brodow, Negotiation Boot Camp

Guest: Todd Wood, Impact of Economic Weakness on our National Security; Author of Currency

Guest: David Weidner, Wall Street Journal "Market Watch" Columnist and Author

Guest: Robert Laura, Author of Naked Retirement

Guest: David Sanders, Business Marketing Boosters

Guest: Kathleen Paris, Staying Healthy in Sick Organizations

Guest: Karen Blumenthal, Wall Street Journal Columnist and Author

Guest: Bill Taylor, Author of Practically Radical

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guest: Gail Cunningham, Why You Shouldn't Be Getting a Large Income Tax Refund

Guest: Chris Miles, The Myth that Passion Guarantees Business Success

Guest: Dr. Linda Elder, Using Critical Thinking to Improve Your Life

David Holland: Spinning Gold and Other Financial Products

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guest: Chris Trimble: Successful Business Innovation; Author of How Stella Saved the Farm

David Holland Answers Retirement Planning Questions

Guest: Marty Davidoff, Dealing with IRS Debt

David Holland: Variable Annuities

Guest: Nick Tasler, Author of The Impulse Factor: An Innovative Approach to Better Decision Making

David Holland: Taxes and Your Retirement

Guests: Attorneys Greg Snell and Lori Sandman, Steps to Take to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Guests: Jan Pittard and Nicole Pittard Lebron, Front Porch Pickings

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guests: Attorneys Greg Snell and Lori Sandman, Patents and Intellectual Property Law

Guest: Bob Burg, Author of The Go-Giver

Guest: Dennis Miller, Impact of Inflation on Retirees

Guest: Marty Davidoff, Dealing with IRS Tax Liens

Guest: Doug Noll, Hiring an Attorney

Guest: Brett Braaten, Author of Homeland Insecurity

Guest: Kimberly Deas, Buying or Selling a Business

Guest: Nate Purpura, Caring for Aging Parents

Guest: Tom Cloud, Investing in Precious Metals

Guest: Dr. Laura Yard, Prescription Drug Addiction

Guest: David Klein, Candyman, Creator of the Jelly Belly

Guest: Dr. Karen Sherman, Relationships and Money

Guest: Mark Chastain, Reunion Bank

Guest: Chris Miles, Money Myths

Guest: Kerri Salls, Preparing Your Business to Sell

Guest: Martha Zoller, Congress Getting a Pay Raise by Executive Order

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guest: Gary Bronga, Bringing Your Product or Invention to Market

Guest: Albert Livingston, Commercial Real Estate Market

David Holland: Making Decisions about Retirement Assets

Guest: Stephanie Payne, Making End of Life Decisions

Guest: Carol Topp, Teens and Taxes

Guest: Jeff Rasley, Successful Retirement

Guest: Ted Burbank, Secrets to Selling Your Business

Guest: Chris Miles, Three Circles of Wealth

Guest: Todd Ruehs, Turning Business Ideas into Reality

Guest: Murray Holland, Author of Debt Trap

Guest: Nate Purpura, Medicare

Guest: Gail Cunningham, Facing Financial Problems

Guest: Andrew Mangione, The Affordable Care Act

Guest: Tom Corley, Secret Success Habits of the Super Rich

Guest: Tina Forsythe, Online Business Consultant

Guest: Steve Deace, Right To Work

Guest: Paul Da Costa, Real Estate Consultant

David Holland Wraps Up 2012

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guest: Dr. Barnsley Brown, Prosperity for Women

David and Scott: As Year End Approaches...

David and Scott: Market Commentary

Guest: Jayne Jones, Author of Capitol Hell

Guest: Nate Purpura, Medicare Consumer Specialist

Guest: John Carter, Nationwide Financial

Guest: Liz Miller, Clutter Free Wealth

Guest: Bill Deane, CIA Secret Practices

Guest: Michael Manna, Apple and the Stock Market

Guest: Terry Savage, The Savage Truth on Money

David and Scott: Fiscal Cliff and Weekly Wrap Up

David Holland: S&P 500 as an Investing Benchmark

David Holland: Women and Investing

David and Scott: Market Commentary

Guest: Jennifer Wilkov, "Make It Happen" Girl

David and Scott: Market Commentary

Guest: Greg Snell, Snell Legal

Guest: Cliff Ennico

Victoria Trabosh, Executive Coach

Guest: Dr. Carl Lentz, Plastic Surgeon

Guest: Gregory Dell, Disability Insurance Attorney

Guest: Matthew Shapiro, Rice Rose Law: Contesting Wills

Guest: Al Smith, Event Promoter

David and Scott: Weekly Wrap Up

Guest: Forough Hosseini, Food Brings Hope

Guest: Cory Walker, CFO, Brown & Brown

Guest: Beth Moothart, Cruise Elite

Guest: Tom Margenau, Social Security Columnist

Guest: Carl Persis, Candidate for County Chair

Guest: Steve deLaroche, Attorney

Guests: Teresa Rogers and Bev Johnson, YMCA

Guest: Steve Olsher, Author

Guest: Paul Oster, Better Qualified LLC

Guest: Diane Matousek, Clerk of Court, Volusia County

Guest: Ed Kelley, Mayor of Ormond Beach

Guest: Pegi Burdick, The Financial Whisperer

Guest: Lisa Blythe, Southern Title

David Holland: Investing for Retirement

Guest: Jeanna Gabellini, Business Coach

Guest: Justin Sachs, Motivational Speaker

Guest: Nate Purpura, EHealth.com

Guest: Dr. Trevon Clow, Anxiety and Your Money

Guest: Diane Tegarden, Firewalker Publications

Guest: Angel Tucker, Personality Profiler

Guest: Jessica Butler, Grace Manor

Guest: Chris Miles, Financial Architect

Guest: Doug Johnson, Debt Relief Scams

Guest: Rob Drury, Christian Financial Advisers

Guest: Matt Shapiro, Rice Rose Law Firm

Guest: Andy Thomas, Capital Partners Insurance

Long Term Care

Guest: Don Blandin, Investor Protection Trust

Guest: Dave Hood, Candidate for State Representative

Guest: Pegi Burdick, The Financial Whisperer

Guest: Dr. Laura Yard, Anti-Aging Medicine

Guest: Wendell Bradford, Candidate for Volusia County Sheriff

Guest: Scott Selis, Esq., Elder Abuse

Guest: Ron Wallace, Publisher of the Daytona Beach News-Journal

Guest: Ed Connor, Volusia Tax Reform

Guest: Gail Cunningham, National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Guest: Tory Johnson, Good Morning America

Guest: Alex Stone, Magic

Guest: Les Rayburn, Cyber Security Act

Guest: Gene Kennedy, Weatherproofing Your Home

Guest: Sheriff Ben Johnson, Volusia County

Guest: Ken LaRoe, Founder, First Green Bank

Guest: Bill Pickering, First Summit Financial, on Life Insurance

Guest: Robert Mazur, Author of The Infiltrator

Guest: Helen Rieger, Peabody Auditorium Director

Guest: Fred Costello, Candidate for Congress

Guest: Ron DeSantis, Candidate for Congress

Guest: Craig Miller, Candidate for Congress

Guest: Alec Pueschel, Candidate for Congress

Guest: Diane Matousek, Volusia Clerk of Court (Running for Re-election)

Guest: Steve deLaroche, Candidate for Volusia Clerk of Court

Guest: Frank Wuco, Red Mind Solutions

Guest: Brian Sidella, Forever Young Medspa, on Hiring Great Employees

Guest: Tony Capozzi, Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce

Guest: Lowell Ponte, Author of The Inflation Deception

Guest: Jerry Robinson, Author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation

Guest: Frank Cipolla, Author of It Shocked Even Us!

Guest: Ted Doran, Candidate for Volusia County Chairman

Guest: Ron Tunick, Author of In the Thinking Room

Guest: Linda Costello, Candidate for Volusia County School Board

Guest: Attorney Scott Selis, Elder Abuse & Elder Law

Guest: Bruce Anderson, Cyber Crime

Guest: Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate Cheapskate

First Green Bank

Guest: Dr. Trevon Clow, Dishonesty

Guest: Kimo Dejon, BabyBoomerGold

Guest: Erin Botsford, Author of The Big Retirement Risk

Guest: Pete Trabucco, Rollercoasters

Guest: William Roberts, Is College Worth the Cost?

Guest: Robert Mazur, Author of The Infiltrator

Guest: Anna Cuevas, Author of Save Your Home

Guest: Ed Kelley, Mayor of Ormond Beach

Guest: Paul Rice, Partner, Rice & Rose Law Firm, Divorce

Guest: Dan Ariely, Author of The Honest Truth About Dishonesty


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